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What Errol and Rochelle Strider DoWe use comedy, theater, poetry, dance, mime and music to illuminate the human condition from the most mundane to the most sublime.

Strider Innertainment provides a three dimensional look (mind, body and spirit) at the underlying spiritual, philosophical and psychological motivations of human beings.

Our characters and stories allow people to see, feel as well as hear concepts and insights as they relate to personal and spiritual growth and social evolution.

In workshops and classes we focus the light on the “shadow” parts of our lives and facilitate healing and transformation in a safe setting filled with humor and love.

We offer classes, workshops, seminars and performances. We also publish a wide range of products and other resource materials, including audio and video tapes, books, matted poems and sayings all of which celebrate the panoply of the human experience.

We are also available for personal coaching and private transformational work.

We have programs for ages 7 and up.

We have many hours of scripted material available for other groups to perform.

We draw from our personal and interpersonal experience with each other from which we find an endless supply of drama and comedy to further our growth and our repertoire. We are dedicated to living what we teach and in those moments when we stumble, the humor is there to break our fall and our faith is what lifts us back into Awareness.