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Our past full length theater productions we have created include:

  • Metaphysical Cartoons
  • If You Really Knew, You’d Be Laughing
  • Shared Skitless
  • Journeys to the Source
  • Sex, Money & God…Not Necessarily in that Order

Innertainment performance vignettes are divided into 4 categories. Many of the pieces are funny while some are more dramatic or poetic. Some are verbal, others involve mime or dance and others combine both styles. (All times are approximate and do not include the audience interaction component which can extend any given piece up to a 30 or 45 minutes)

* Relationship with Self
* Relationship with Spirit
* Relationship with Others
* Relationship with The World

Family Play Programs – “A family that plays together stays together.”

We also offer “Family Play Programs” to facilitate family fitness, and by family we mean any group of people who live, work or play together. These are interactive games and performance pieces that promote family unity, understanding, and respect. Through the games groups learn better ways to communicate and how to get their needs met. They learn acceptance, forgiveness and how not to take themselves too seriously. These play programs help to deepen the level of love within the group and provide an experience of feeling like they are a part of the larger community. The programs are very fun and unique in that the whole family can play together. Recommend for ages 7 and up.

In addition we have a new workshop: “How to Bring More Love & Laughter into Your Relationships” – a Creative Spiritual Approach.


Besides the scripted performance pieces and exercises, we do improvisations and play characters that enable people to see their issues acted out. These spontaneous interactions help people gain insight and solutions to problems or questions they may be having. Members of the audience can present issues they are working through and see them resolved through our improvisation.

In addition there are other games and exercises that involve participants at a deeper level. We have a program where we provide participants the opportunity to perform their own story and share their creation with family and friends—a very empowering experience.

Relationship with Self

Overcoming negative self images and gaining self-esteem—

“I am Beautiful” 10 min.

Letting go of the need for approval

“The Great Mandini” 8 min.

Releasing the tapes and scripts we carry in our minds that limit us—

“Little Shop Between Heaven and Earth” 8 min.

How men can develop their full potential—

“Becoming a Mensch” 8 min.

Understanding and releasing our fears of being rejected–

“Rejection” 5 min.

Overcoming the source of our addictive and compulsive nature—

“Denial of Shame” 8 min.

The absurdity of being a “control freak” and how to be more trusting and spontaneous–

“The Thrill of Control” 8 min.

Understanding the cycle of birth to death and how to make the journey successful–

“Remember When?” 10 min.

How to let go of past/future orientation and live in the now—

“Pasta” 6 min.

How to discover the hidden gifts in our everyday experience–

“Opening the Presence” 10 min.

Releasing all the ways we imprison ourselves and how to set ourselves free–

“Body Free” 3 min.

How to release ourselves from our addiction to a false sense of self–

“Powerless Over My Addiction” 9 min. (Based on Step 1 from the 12 steps)

How to overcome the biggest obstacle to faith—

“Doubt” 5 min.

Letting go of self-consciousness and our concerns of what others think of us—

“They” 10 min.

Understanding the root of cynicism, loss of hope and despair—

“The Moral Apathizer” 6 min.

Relationship with Spirit

Seeing ourselves through the loving eyes of our angels–

“The Innocents” 10 min.

A radically different understanding of Jesus as a reflection of our true nature—

“Jesus Modeled for Our Class Today” 8 min.

An examination of the various aspects of truth and how the “the truth can set us free”

“Chez Truth” 10 min.

Shows how the Spirit enters our lives, how we often resist it and what we need to do to “let go and let God”

“The Traveler” 12 min.

What it might be like to meet God “face to face.”

“The Employer” 10 min.

Where and how “answers” are discovered

“Answers are Timid” 12 min.

The surprisingly simple and miraculous ways Spirit appears in our lives—

“In Their Midst” 8 min.

A broader and more penetrating understanding of the many aspects to Jesus—

“There Was a Man Once” 6 min.

The stages we go through that allow us to receive Grace and healing

“Today, I Am A Child” 11 min.

The key to developing trust and appreciating the power of faith

“To Trust” 8 min.

Experiencing God through our senses and knowing God as our true lover

“Divine Lover” 6 min.

How to let go and give ourselves over to the “movement” of Spiritual love–

“There is a Flow” 12 min.

Ways to join one another on the Eternal Journey—

“What About You? 5 min.

A Letter from “Home” assuring us how much we are valued and needed

“Letter from Home”

Relationship with Others

The nature of oneness–

“You and Me” 8 min.

Truly connecting with another…or…as Martin Buber puts it, “All real living is meeting.”

“The Meeting” 12 min

Explores the strategies we use to keep from being hurt and their harmful side effects—

“Hurt” 10 min.

Understanding and expressing the true intent behind human feelings—

“Feelings, the Language of Relationships” 5 min.

Shows the dynamics of co-dependency and how to release those compulsions

“The Church of Co-dependency” 10 min.

How to let go of the destructive expectations we bring into our relationships

“Roles of Our Lives” 12 min.

Understanding the essential dynamics of bonded relationships

“The Atom and the Molecule” 6 min.

Learning to open up to each other and share love deeply—

“Will We Pass By” 5 min.

How we hide and hold ourselves back for fear of being seen or hurt

“You Can Come Out Now”

The false ideas parents sometimes have that affect the ways they raise their children

“Perfect Parents Class”

Relationship with The World

Making a case for a positive future for humankind—

“More” 9 min.

Releasing ourselves from being compulsive consumers—

“Having” 7 min.

Understanding our true relationship to money—

“Money Talks” 10 min.

Compassion—how to develop it and express it in our lives

“Compassyun” 5 min.

Recapturing a sense of innocence and wonder

“Wonder” 4 min.

Making peace with all those “messy” things that come from our bodies—

“The Intimates” 10 min.

Re-discovering hope

“Hope” 5 min.

An elf persuades Santa Claus to give children “qualities” for Christmas instead of toys

“Elfbert, Santa’s Reluctant Helper” 20 min.

A story about the “craggy people” who reach a crisis in their society…and what can save them

“The Doegs” 10 min.