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Errol Strider: Through the years, our Insight Out Naked Truth Podcast Radio Archive audio shows can be revisited here as we build this archive. In each program we attempt to penetrate our soul-full topics as deeply as we can, while catching the inevitable absurdities along the way–not the least of which are the funny ways we use our judgments and assumptions to guide us through our lives. Trust me, if you don’t know by now, they are really funny.
Rochelle and I have fun on our show and we’d love to share the fun of “profound reflection on cosmic meanings”–one of the eight habits of spiritual growth as put forth by The Urantia Book–with you.
And once in awhile we actually have an original thought. That’s what I’m after when we do the show and almost inevitably my prayer is answered. Not only do original thoughts show up, but brand new punchlines for the joke called, “Life.”
Take a moment (up to an hour) and listen!



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