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It’s Always Something

It’s Always Something

It’s always something, ain’t it?  That’s why “It’s Always Something” is our phrase of the week.

Gilda Radner was famous for saying that and even wrote a book about it–mostly about her struggle with cancer.

Talked to a young man recently who had his car stolen and had to call 911 three times before he got a response.  And this, after years of debilitating disease that he is only now recovering from–a good example of “It’s Always Something”

Now, since we know it’s always going to be something, can we prepare for that something without becoming unduly anxious–or do we just deal with it as it shows up?

And what turns a circumstance into the unwanted “something?”  Who gets to decide whether it’s “something” or like we suggested on another program, “nothing to it?”

These are the kinds of questions we’ll discuss tonight during the program along with music, insights, surpr

Hopefully, like Gilda, we can find the humor in our plight which in turn lubricates our contact with that certain “something” so that it….well……just doesn’t hurt so damn much.

Please join us tonight.  But if “something” comes up because “it’s always something,” you can listen to the edited version of this program in the archives or catch it Sunday morning at 8 AM (PT).