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We are very excited to announce the republishing of ... Elfbert, Santa's Reluctant Helper --a family Christmas book about an Elf who persuades Santa to give children qualities for Christmas instead of toys. Written by Errol Strider with illustrations by Bill Mitchell.

Listen to Elfbert, Santa’s Reluctant Helper, the entire story with music by Omaran and narration by Errol & Rochelle Strider

We are excited to present “Elfbert, Santa’s Reluctant Helper,” a captivating audiobook crafted by Errol and Rochelle Strider. This delightful tale isn’t just another Christmas story—it’s a heartwarming journey into the true spirit of the season.

Set in the whimsical world of the North Pole, our story follows the adventures of a curious elf determined to change Santa’s gift-giving tradition. Instead of toys, he suggests giving children qualities like kindness and courage.

Through lively narration and engaging storytelling, Errol and Rochelle Strider transport listeners to a magical realm filled with laughter and wonder. As our hero-elf faces challenges, he teaches valuable life lessons.

Santa’s Reluctant Helper is more than a holiday tale—it’s a timeless reminder of the importance of generosity and empathy. It encourages families to embrace the spirit of giving.

Whether enjoyed during cozy evenings by the fireplace or on holiday car rides, our audiobook promises to ignite imaginations and warm hearts.

Join our elf on his remarkable journey, and rediscover the joy of Christmas through the eyes of Santa’s most reluctant helper. Let this enchanting story become a cherished tradition in your family’s holiday celebrations, providing joy and inspiration for generations to come.

Elfbert, Santa’s Reluctant Helper – Available on Amazon