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​As I heard said once, “The beginning of wisdom is a firm grasp of the obvious.” And since I consider myself a beginner in the wisdom department, I”m happy to start with the distinctly evident.

On this week’s program we attempt to not only draw attention to the obvious, but make it come alive in fresh ways.

You could almost call our conversation “The Word made……fresh.”

Okay, that may be a dud, but heh………Could you use some re-fresh-ment? Duh!

And….we’re having a contest– a “Duh” contest.  Or, more specifically, a contest between “Duh” and “Dud.”

If Rochelle and I can’t get a goodly number of  “Duh’s” out of each other, or a good reason why something we say deserves a “Duh”then it just may be a “Dud” and we’ll have to dig deeper for a an authoritative “Duh”

Here are a couple sample “Duh” contenders.”

In order to have a successful democracy, we need enlightened leadership. “Duh”

In order to get enlightened leadership, we have to educate our youth toward that goal. “Duh?”

In order to do that, we have to make “enlightenment” a priority.  “Duh”

You get the point.

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