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Don’t Get Me Started

I know. I know. There’s so much troubling stuff going on—don’t get me started.

But “Don’t Get Me Started” is our featured phrase of the week. Let’s face it, once we plunge into the multifarious dilemmas that confront humanity, we won’t know where to begin, let alone when to stop.

Like our current political shenanigans, Don’t Get Me Started. Or the endless analysis of the ostensible news by pundits, whoa……. “Don’t Get Me Started” on that, or our preoccupation with spectacular insignificance– we could go on and on. Don’t Get Me Started.

On the other hand there are some things that we probably should get started on, like efforts to become more conscious and aware, more balanced and understanding, and especially not to take ourselves too seriously.

We also might want to get started on an appreciation of how a viable spirituality can provide the context to better navigate our way to wholeness and healing.

So, join us our conversation this week and we promise to sprinkle it with insights, humor, zany characters, music and surprises.

We are

Errol and Rachelle Strider

(Hey, we’ve been together for over 40 years, and in spite of all the challenges of relationship, we’re still talking to each other………but then again……don’t get us started.)

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