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In the spirit of Christmas,”You Better Watch Out”   is the phrase of the week.

​Now, you may think that it’s because a magical, mysterious know-it-all elf is coming to town, but I’m not so sure about that. I haven’t believed in said elf since I was in third grade when I read the Whinnie the Poo version of Hegel and Schopenhauer.

But when I was in second grade I did believe in a magical philanthropic elf who evidently can ride a sleigh in mid-air because one Christmas I got a toy that I was sure my parents would never have gotten me.  Hence, it must be the fat, and very judgmental elf sliding down our chimney, albeit a Jewish one (chimney, not elf), who got me the unexpected Christmas gift.

And what’s with this “better not cry” business?  And that cold-hearted duality, “he’s knows whether you’re bad or good.” What a trip to lay on innocent children and all to satisfy their craving for stuff. Now, admittedly, I crave stuff, but I attribute it to the brainwashing I received as a child by the elf and his marketing minions. Yeah, it’s their fault.

But you know how what goes around comes around. I believe that the elf has morphed into Amazon,  and the reindeer’s–obviously UPS, USPS, the red-nosed Fedex man.

So, you better watch out, ’cause there’s lots to watch out for and it’s not all good…….. or bad…..whoops…see how easily it is to fall into the damn dualism.

In the meantime….. you better watch out….and you really don’t need a good or even a bad reason.

Merry…..Errol & Rochelle