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Believe it or not, not only are we once again bringing you our live radio show tonight, but “Believe It Or Not” is the featured phrase of the week. What a coincidence!

There are so many “Believe it or Not” opportunities:
The earth is round (sort of)
We evolve over 13 billion years (and counting)
“Men and women are two distinct varieties of the same species living in close and intimate association–Urantia Book)
Donald Trump could actually be president of these United States……believe it or not.

We could upgrade these and all the other options to “Better believe it” status, if you want, but suffice it to say that our credulity is constantly being stretched by life and its amazing varieties of emergent possibilities.

Now here are a couple of real “Believe it or not” challenges:

We live this very short life in the flesh and are simply re-absorbed by an indifferent and often messy material world,…………or we live eternally as evolving souls.

Here’s a real show stopper, “Believe it or not:”
We can take charge of the direction of this society by joining together, being willing to confront and diffuse our ego/separating tendencies and by getting out not only the vote, but even more importantly, getting out the love. 

Believe it or not, the love is in all of us, often covered up by fear and shame, but eager to participate and support our lives. Believe it or not!

At the very least, belief is one of the strongest forces that drive our lives. Check out the podcast of “Believe it or not” as we explore what beliefs are, how they work, and to what extent we have a choice to “believe it………… or not.”  

Our conversation includes humor, music, our “delightened” characters and, believe it or not ………… insights. Talk to you later,
Errol & Rochelle

(now officially married for 40 years–believe it or…..)