Weekly broadcast of “Insight Out-the Naked Truth” radio podcast

Each week, our podcast, “Insight Out-the Naked Truth” is broadcast on www.amfm247.com 1 PM (PT)
All the programs  are available to listen to any time at www.bbsradio.com/insightout/archives.
“Insight Out–the Naked Truth” features a conversation with Rochelle and Errol sprinkled with music, characters, humor, and surprises that explore the human condition from the absurd to the sublime.


Each program features a “phrase” of the week. Some of the phrases include:

“Go On” 
“Get outta here”
“What a relief “
“That’s Beside the Point”
“You Have No Idea”
“You’d Be Surprised”
“Yes and No”
“Go Figure”

You can also tune in to the program on the following am and fm stations at the following locations at 1 PM (PT) on Sunday afternoons.

We’re also on the following radio stations:

1520 AM / 99.5 FM   Las Vegas, NV (Pacific Time Zone)
810 AM / 87.9 FM   Macon, GA (Eastern Time Zone)
1640 AM / 102.1 FM   Lancaster, PA   (Eastern Time Zone)
96.3 FM  Boulder, CO  (Mountain Time Zone)
94.7 FM  Pittsburgh, PA  (Eastern Time Zone)
90.3  FM Milwaukee, WI  (Central Time Zone)
1630 AM / 92.1 FM  Tampa, FL  (Eastern Time Zone)
101.5 FM   Long Beach, CA   (Pacific Time Zone) 

Please join us for insights, laughter and inspiration!

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