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Teacher, writer, performer and spiritual philosopher

ROCHELLE ALICIA STRIDER, author of “Acting with Love, the power of Non Resistance”, “One Woman’s View of the Elephant” and the novel, “The Launching of Lisa”, has been a professional actress, teacher and spiritual philosopher for over 45years. In New York, under the name of Shellie Feldman, she was a founding member of La Mama ETC, and a member of the Open Theatre where she worked with Sam Shepherd, Susan Sontag, John Claude Van Itallie, Lanford Wilson, and Tom O’Horgon to name a few. She was an integral part of the renaissance in the off Broadway theatre during the early 60’s and 70’s appearing in many original ground breaking plays like “Futz”, “Balls” “Tom Paine” and “Rimers of Eldritch among others. She performed on the Broadway stage in “….Marat de Sade,” in roles on Public Television, and in the original TV series, NYPD, in a featured role.
For the last thirty five years she has partnered with Errol Strider as wife, mother and founder of Strider Innertainment. Together they have toured the United States and Canada presenting their unique spin on entertainment that celebrates our humanness from the mundane to the divine. Together they created , ( to name a few) “Metaphysical Cartoons”, “Guilt isn’t Fun Anymore”, Shared Skitless, “Sex, Money and God, Not Necessarily in that Order” and “The Conscious Cabaret. Since 1989 they have also performed “Family Baggage”, which deals with addiction and recovery, at treatment centers, conferences and in cities all over America.
She has taught classes in the Middle East, and in this country concerning self- esteem and productive relationships. She has developed the AWL Process,* a methodology that utilizes acting tools to make Love a living reality in your relationship with yourself, others and The Creative Spirit

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