“Insight Out–the Naked Truth” Radio Show

Our friend R.J. recently reminded me that we do, in fact, have a web site. Case in point–where you are reading this.
I’m sorry, Laughing Heart web site, that I have so neglected you, but I’m trusting that with your laughing heart, you find forgiveness easy.
ER Insight out Pic Feb 2014

To the point–for over 3 years Rochelle and I hosted a radio program “Insight Out”–roughly from 2008-2011. We resumed the program when we arrived at Lupin Lodge in Los Gatos in 2014. Since Lupin is a clothing optional resort, we re-named our program, “Insight Out–the Naked Truth.” And as we say on each of our programs, “Broadcast live from Lupin Lodge where clothing is optional, but the truth is always naked.”

We’ve experimented with a variety of formats including poetry, sketches, always conversation and music, sprinkled with relevant songs and humor. In the last 3 months or so we’ve been using a format that features well know phrases and we develop each program around those phrases. Some of the phrases we’ve featured:
“Ya think,”
“What d’ya expect?”
“I Beg Your Pardon,”
“Imagine That,”
and the last 2 weeks–
“Yes and No”
“You’d Be Surprised.”

I carefully edit each program and post them to the archives at bbsradio.com/insightout. In addition they are replayed on bbsradio.com/insightout on Sunday morning at 8 AM PDT and on www.amfm247.com same time.
www.amfm.com also plays the edited program on Friday nights–8 PM PDT.

In addition, each show features guest “characters” who comment on the topic–always a surprise to us to hear what they have to say.

Consider listening in sometime either to the live program, Tuesday nights at 7 PM (PDT) on www.bbsradio.com or to one of the edited re-broadcasts. If you’re looking for provocative conversation about the issues that are most fundamental to our lives, tune in. Give a listen and a laugh. They’re both free. And let us hear from you!!!

Special bonus–If you drive around a lot and have a CD player, I can send you CD’s of the programs–just cover the P&H, please.

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