“Insight Out, the Naked Truth” our new radio show now broadcasting Tuesday nights

As of January 7, Rochelle and I have been broadcasting our new radio show, “Insight Out–the Naked Truth”…..well….not entirely new– as we
broadcast “Insight Out” for over 3 years up until a year or so ago. We’ve added the “Naked Truth” because we broadcast live from Lupin Lodge in Los Gatos, CA where clothing is optional, but as we like to say, the truth is always naked.

The program is broadcast from 7 to 8 PM Pacific time on www.bbsradio.com/insightout. And you can go to the archives at the same site if you miss the live show and want to catch it and download it for later listening.
Now we have the great folks at BBS providing engineering help and the ability to receive “call ins”

Like the “Insight Out” of old, we deal with issues and themes that we feel are germane to the quality of our lives. So far, we’ve look at “The Truth”, being hurt, being naked, and last week, we focused on “How Far Will Self-interest Get You?”
Last night our topic was “The Thrill of Control”–in honor of the Winter Olympics. You can listen to the program by going to the archive at www.bbsradio.com/insightout

With regard to the issue of control, here’s a quote from “Love Without End” by Glenda Green that hopefully, will challenge your thinking. The speaker is Jeshua (known as Jesus to most):
“”Love commands the universe. Man resorts to control only when love is missing. Control is a very shabby substitute for command, and it is an enormously exhausting pursuit! One of the most refreshing realizations that you may have in being the love that you are is the greater feeling of restfulness. In a world obsessed with control, it is difficult to find even a moment’s rest. In many ways, control is a competition for dominance of time and timing. As you command with love, you will notice that the timing of your life will be much more consonant with your own purposes and true nature.”

Next week’s program is called, “Money Talks” (a very funny sketch about beliefs and illusions about money) and is about the issue of scarcity. Since scarcity consciousness dominates so much of our lives, it deserves a penetrating examination. We need to challenge some of our most cherished assumptions about it and how scarcity has misled so much of human actions and behaviors. Please join us for this discussion and our usual array of sketches, humor, poetry, music, and hopefully, your call in.

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