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Thursday, January 17th, 2013

We at the Laughing Heart have a mission to accelerate consciousness through art, humor and by embodying the higher spiritual principles that many of us believe and aspire to–to play our part in conscious evolution.
As many of us who have been on a journey of consciousness have found, it is easier to read, think and talk about these principles, but getting them into our lives–well, that’s another level.

What I have come to realize is that it first requires recognition and motivation, then practice and ongoing support.

Once we recognize what we want to achieve and equally as important where we are in our growth and awareness, we can forge ahead. But, we have to start from where we are.

I have found that the creative process is the most efficacious way to move forward in our growth.
The term used in NLP is “pattern interrupt.” Something comes along to disrupt an habitual way of thinking and acting. That is what art and humor can achieve. They arrest our attention and that allows a new and different perception to appear.

Here is what Jeshua (Jesus) had to say about this process:
“Jesus taught the appeal to the emotions as the technique of arresting and focusing the intellectual attention. He designated the mind thus aroused and quickened as the gateway to the soul, where there resides that spiritual nature of man which must recognize truth and respond to the spiritual appeal of the gospel in order to afford the permanent results of true character transformations.” The Urantia Book, 152:6.4

Please consider using anyone of our creative tools and our creative approach to personal growth and problem solving. Let us hear from you. And check out our resources on this site.
Errol Strider

Beautiful and meaningful gifts for you and those you love!

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

For this Christmas season, please consider giving a gift that can be accessed daily for as long as you want, and gets richer and more meaningful every time you view it–and for $10 or less.

“Inspirational Images“–the pictures the soul wants to see, the words your heart want to hear.

These inspirational gift cards consist of photos I’ve taken with insights about life stated in a playful way to catch your mind off guard and go directly to your soul.

Each matted card comes with an envelope for easy mailing and a self adhesive back easel so that they can be placed on a desk, counter or bureau to remind you or your loved one of an essential aspect of life. Both the picture and the words combine to create a lasting impact.
Here are a couple of samples, but to see all 10 choices, just click Products and Inspirational Images.
Happy Holidays!
Beautiful garden scene with saying, "Life is love forever discovering itself anew."


Saturday, October 27th, 2012


Rochelle and I are on a mission to laugh our age off because……

When it gets right down to it, what is most important to you?
Your health? Your family? Security? Fun? Pleasure? Making a difference? Joy? Service? Living a long vital life? Your children? Your grand children and their health and well being?

laugh_your_age_off_kickstarter_video_2_720x480 (2)The older we get the more the long healthy vital life takes precedent over everything else (except your children’s children, of course)
Don’t you want to be that positive force in the lives of your family, friends and neighbors as all of you grow older?

These are the real issues behind “Laugh Your Age Off,” because every time we can laugh at what bugs us about ourselves, about our limitations, about aging, about pain and loss, we instantly become a more joyful presence and when we’re more full of joy, we become a more effective source of life and inspiration for others…..not to mention ourselves.

So, don’t think our plan for a YouTube video series, “Laugh Your Age Off,” is a trivial thing. We’re talking some serious laughter here—well, some serious subjects, anyway that deserve the laughter treatment.

Here’s a list of some the issues that we all face and that can cause us to….well…….take ourselves, and the problem, way too seriously.

• Anything that makes us worry, fret, or angst over–like financial or health worries.
• Limitations and frustrations like the increasing frequency to forget where we put things.
• Dealing with other aging folks, especially when they make the shift in our awareness from being people we care about to being……well…..assholes. Very important time to inject some humor in the relationship.
• How about loneliness? There is not a reason why any human being on earth should ever feel lonely. One thing we don’t have any lack of is people. And we are committed to helping you laugh at all the reasons for loneliness away, post haste. Once revealed they’re pretty laughable.
• Then there’s death, fear of death and grief. Not much laughter in dying or grief, you might say. Agreed. But what can comfort us when we do grieve are loving hearts filled with compassion and understanding, and all the laughing at ourselves prepares us to be those heartfelt and supportive people.

For instance, think of the many people who are right now sitting in hospital rooms anxiously awaiting to hear about the recovery of their loved ones. (Rochelle and I were two of those people a couple of days ago, and are still eagerly waiting to hear about our dear friend, Karen’s recovery.) A large dollop of being able to laugh at ourselves goes a long way to relieve our stress, don’t you think?

Indeed, when we are concerned about others we naturally reach for the medicine of laughter to massage our souls. So think of “Laugh Your Age Off,” as your good humor medicine chest that will be available to you on YouTube any time you need it. Plus, by being a contributor, you’ll get our weekly newsletter where you’ll learn the art and craft of making light of painful stuff.

Rochelle and I have learned the tricks of being able to turn troublesome issues, like aging (which is really living) into joy and laughter (we’ve had to—the alternative was way too much pain) and we just want to share those tricks with you.

Each “episode” of “Laugh Your Age Off,” we will use different tricks to mitigate the negative and unnecessary aspects of aging (living). So, not only will you be laughing your age off (and yes, even laugh your ass off) you will come away from each video with some tricks up your sleeve so that when you meet someone who’s taking life all too seriously, you will be able to trick them into a much needed giggle or guffaw.

Believe me, everyone in your sphere of influence will be grateful to you, and you will be grateful to you, cause when you’re laughing, my friend, particularly at the things that are hard to laugh at—especially about yourself, you will feel a 100 times lighter.

And, besides a fabulous orgasm, there’s no better way to get into the present, where all the love of life is, than through a hearty laugh.
So join us…for Laugh Your age off. You’ll feel healthier, lighter, move loving, and of course…..younger.
Go to

The value of laughing your age off

Friday, October 19th, 2012


As you may know by now, Rochelle, I and Michael Mears have launched a Kickstarter project called, “Laugh Your Age Off,” a series of Youtube videos which focus on the issues, aches and pains of aging (any age, by the way)

Through our unique not-patented process called “Quirky”–otherwise known as creative non-resistance, you will just find yourself laughing away many of those things that you tend to take way too seriously-like yourself.

Our “Laugh Your Age Off” videos will help you re-frame your experience so that you can really see the humor and absurdity of so much that drives you crazy.


You’ll lose weight. That’s right, by lightening up through laughter, all the unnecessary weight that you may be “amassing,” won’t have any reason to stick to you. Weight, for instance, that is a result of comfort food eating.
Why do we need to comfort ourselves? Usually because we’re not experiencing adequate love. By laughing at your woe’s, love automatically comes in to take their place. That’s right. The second that you have a good, full blown laugh, you are in the NOW, and that’s where the love is.

But wait! There’s more! Once you’ve laughed away your aging–in fact, the accumulation of toxic, dead perspectives about yourself and life, you will feel liberated and will be a source of love and humor for others, and you know how good it makes you feel when you can make others laugh. You’ll be the most popular kid in the neighborhood.

There’s more! Laughing your age off will make you wealthier. You betcha! Because, laughing at all those things that cause you to worry, will open up the space for abundance to flow through you. Worry blocks “the flow.”

You heard me. Abundance flows through you. That is its nature. Fear, worry and pain cause us to contract and hold on rather than flowing. As soon as you laugh at all that holding on-ness, you will feel a rush of energy and life–and that’s real wealth.

But wait, by laughing your age off, you will have more and better orgasms. After all, laughter itself is an orgasm for the psyche. I mean, even if you are highly orgasmic sexually, how much time can you do that. (“Lots,” you may be hoping.) But if you are aging (and we all are) you find yourself looking for more variety of orgasms.

Plus, by laughing your age off–at any age– you don’t allow toxic past to cling to you and accumulate as you grow older. Yuk! (Your farts will even smell better–like roses–well, at least not like the compost pile) So even a 10 year old, a fifteen year old, or 30 year old, let alone a 65 year old needs to laugh their age off.

I mean, what is age really– the part that we need to laugh off? It’s the stuff of life that sticks to us as pain, regret, un-forgiveness (unresolved conflicts), un-worth, blame, or grievances that we hold on to which slows us down and drives us into discomfort, disease and premature death.(kinda like a premature orgasm….well, sorta.)

So, by laughing your age off, you can even transform your relationship with death itself. That’s right. Who knew? Well, actually some of our greatest teachers knew, which is why any wise man worth his sage-ness would agree that ‘If we really knew, we’d be laughing.”

So, who “knew?” You, that’s who.
So check out our Kickstarter proposal by going to the link below and support yourself and all others who can benefit from, “Lauging Your Age Off.”


Monday, October 8th, 2012

Part 2

Since I last shared with you, I have discovered more possibilities involved in looking for things.

For one thing, I realized when I lose A thing,  if I can wait till I lose another thing before I start to look  for the first lost thing, I can use the same amount of  time for looking for two things that I would have inevitably used to find just the one thing.

See, what a time saver that is?  By looking for them both using the same amount of time, it will be so much more efficient.  I’ll be looking in the same exact places where I always look–the places where it usually never is, of course, but I will have saved time because I will have been looking for two things in those place at the same time.

So while the time not finding the first thing I lost may feel like it’s been wasted, I won’t feel I’ve wasted time looking for the second object because I won’t really have spent any time looking for it. Get it?

It’s like a twofer.  And, if I find one of the two things I’ve lost, the rush I feel in finding that one thing will mitigate the  disappointment and frustration I would feel if I were looking for only the other thing and couldn’t find that. See how that works?

I’ve even considered losing several things before I start to look for them to save even more time looking for the things.  But I’m afraid if I lose more than 4 things,  I will forget some of the things I’m looking for. That would be really unnerving, because while I’m looking for the 3 things I know I’ve lost that I can remember, there will always be this uneasiness that there’s something else I may have lost but which I can’t remember,  but since I can’t remember what it was while I’m looking, I may be overlooking it altogether. In which case the time spent looking for the 4th thing which I thought I was getting in as an extra looking–for the same amount of time I spent looking for the other 3 things, really won’t  count, so I will have only saved two times of looking for the things and not 3 same amounts of time that I was planning on saving.  So why should I  bother waiting to lose over 3 things?   I can start looking for three lost things and that will save me the time I would have not spent the fourth time looking for the last thing. See the logic?

But as I mentioned in my last blog. I can always hope that the thing that I can’t remember that I lost might be one of the things that I inadvertently find while I’m looking for the other lost things.

Here’s another thing about it.  I lose the same things all the time: my watch, my glasses, my bracelet, my dolly, my blanky,  my tape recorder, and certain articles of clothing. Since I lose the same things all of the time, you’d think I’d know where to find them.

I even bought one of those gadgets where you attach a beeper to your things and when you lose any of  them, you just press the remote on the master finder gismo, and your lost and precious item will beep to let you know where it is. 

But what if you lose the finder remote gizmo,  which I did several times. It’s as lose-able as any of the other things that I normally lose…even more so, since I have to carry it around pressing buttons while  listening for the thing I’m looking for to beep.  And when I find that thing, I will most likely  put down the master finder gizmo thing and use the heretofore lost thing  that I just found for whatever the fuck I was looking to use it for in the first place–assuming that it’s even still relevant or that I can remember what it was.

And, of course, the finder remote gizmo thingy runs on batteries which run out right when you’re looking for one of the things you really need it for right then–like your car keys when you’re already late to the function that your wife has already told you, “We CANNOT be late for  this function!”

Then I’m really fucked because I have to first “find” the batteries, and since I tend to forget to throw old batteries away,  (somehow I never seem to lose old batteries), I have to test the batteries that I find to make sure they work. 
By that time,  I cannot find the master-finder gizmo thiing, because I set it down somewhere when I went to look for the batteries and then forgot where I put it.

Now,  I have to find the gizmo so I can replace the batteries…but while this is happening my memory is shrinking exponentially–in other words, every minute I’m not focused on finding the things that I’ve lost… the thought of those things is receding from my awareness, as I said,  exponentially–let alone the thought of what I wanted to do with the things in the first place.

So let’s say 10 minutes goes by.  That will mean when I finally find the good batteries, I may not remember what I wanted to use them for. And on top of that,  yet another opportunity to get rid of spent batteries will have come and gone, and I’m right back where I started.

“Rochelle, Rochelle,” I yell upstairs, “Have you seen the little battery tester?”

Think on’t
Andy Rumi


Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

I’m assuming you lose things…and it pisses you off.  You get scared. Maybe you feel guilty……or stupid.  Maybe you want to blame somebody else, but you know it’s your own damn fault.  Perhaps these phrases come to mind, “I just had it?”  “Where did I leave that?”  or even, “It’s those damn thieving gremlins taking my stuff again and hiding them from me …….out of spite.”
Or maybe you’re like my wife, Rochelle who is famous for  exclaiming, “I’ve lived with this man for over 37 years and not a day goes by without him saying some version of,  “Rochelle, where is my….(fill in the blank)?”  And BTW,” she continues, “he’s getting worse with age.”
I can’t argue with her. I must spend at least 5% of my day looking for shit. And what makes it even worse?  You know how you keep looking for something for awhile even after you’ve found it and you have to remind yourself that, it’s okay, you found it.  You can relax.  Well that takes off another 2% of our day.
Well, I’ve gotten to the point that I forget that I remembered that I found it and so I have to look for the memory. Oi!
Yeah, this is nuts.
Well, I’ve got good news for you. There are at least two benefits from losing things.
The first is obvious and you no doubt have discovered it—how good you feel when you find it.  As a matter of fact, you may feel so good in finding it that you almost wish you could lose it again, so you can experience the high in finding it.
(I’m currently looking forward to that moment as I lost my cherished silver bracelet a couple of weeks ago and was so happy to have found it.  Well, guess what…right….I lost it again…And while it causes me and my wife (who compulsively gets caught up in the looking—value of marrying a co-dependent) stress, annoyance and aggravation, there is this anticipation of the endorphin rush when it is found. (which we hope is soon. And if you want to know where it is, send me an email and we’ll tell you. Maybe you can even share in the jubilation.)
BTW.  Rochelle has vowed to not get caught up in looking for my things (since it is not just a daily activity, but often happen several times a day), but like me, who has also made a vow— to remember where I put things–we are failing.
But wait!  Here is the other great benefit of losing things. And you can reap this reward whether you find your thing or not.  When you start poking about and looking for the missing item, you find other things that you didn’t know you lost and maybe didn’t even know you had and didn’t realize how much you valued.  The delight in finding them is just as good an endorphin rush. You might find yourself exclaiming:
“I wondered where I put that.”  “Oh, my God…there’s the…….”  “Man, can I use that.”  “I’m so glad I didn’t throw that away.”  “OMG, I really bought that!” Or even, “Gees, that really stinks. better get rid of it before my partner smells it.”
You see, I’ve just listed several possible scenarios that will produce a “finding things orgasm.”  And get this, the more things you lose things, the more poking about. And the more surprise discoveries! 
And if you really get lucky, you will even find some precious bobble that you’ve long given up hope of ever retrieving. And when that happens…..well….remember the scene at the restaurant in When Harry Meets Sally, when Sally was pretending to have an orgasm  you might be just like the woman sitting at the next table, when the waiter asks you, “What do you want?”  You’ll find yourself  blurting out ………………“I want what she’s finding!”
Think on’t
Andy Rumi

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

There’s No Time Like the Present!

Dear Friends and (I hope) fellow sojourners seeking helpful perspectives while traversing this rough and mumble lifetime, I’m blogging again after a two year absence (during which time I went through another inning of “Dark Night of the Soul- scored is tied.)

But as Arnold Soldyournature would say, “I’m baaack”
And have I got news for you!
Remember when you heard the phrase, “There’s no time like the present.”  Were you present then to hear it? What about now? 
In other words, if there’s no time like it, “the present” isn’t like any other time.

If it’s 5:45 PM, for instance, the present isn’t like that.  
Sometimes, I believe it’s 8:20 AM, but when I get to 8:21 and check back, I realize once again, “There’s just no time like the present.”
So after trying a whole bunch of times to truly prove that there was no time like the present (3:40 PM came close, but only on Fridays), I’ve decided to see what “the present” is like.
What I discover is that the present is distinct from all other time related phenomena because it  includes and transcends them all.
The present is the place you go when you listen to a compelling piece of music.
Orgasm will get you present, and, of course, having a baby.

So being really present takes a bit of non-doing. 
The present is doing you!

Think on’t
Andy Rumi

It’s All About Relationships

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Rochelle Alicia Strider
In association with
Universe Spirit and Laughing Heart
Invites you to attend a fun, inspiring and transformative three week journey

You will see, hear and experience the embodiment of our relationship with ourselves, others and the creative spirit
Ms. Strider’s improvisational skills will delight you and her soul games will transform you. When all is said and done it is all about relationships. We want them to be loving, joyful expansive and nourishing. So let it be.

“She is a fairy guidemother.” Taye Corby

When: August 14, 21, and 28 from 7-9 PM

Where: on the Universe Spirit docked at
the Loch Lomond Marina Dock B, San Rafael 2 miles East of Montecito Shopping Center

Individual sessions are thirty-five dollars each.
All three sessions in advance are $90.00.
You may make payments by clicking below.

Call 415-459-4512 for directions and more information

Choose individual class or group of 3 from drop down menue below

“In My Nature….there I am in your midst!”

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Did you know that the word “name” as it is stated in the Biblical phrase “Wherever two or more are gathered in my NAME, there I am in their midst,” is actually derived from the word “nature.

Now re-read, “Wherever two or more are gathered in my NATURE, there I am in their midst.”

So, what does it mean for two or more people to be gathered in “My Nature”…and how does it work?

For starters and to keep it simple…”My Nature” is love…so when two or more are gathered in love…..well, there is the I AM presence—shonuf!

But to go deeper, how do we know we are gathered “in love”…in that I am nature?

Simple: When there is a free exchange/flow of energy passing between us.

We are talking about you and the “other” creating a”judgment free zone.” You might call it rapport or mutuality.

And what is judgment?

It is any point of view that is interjected between me and you or us and them that stops the free flow of energy.

Now, if you’re feeling any kind of resistance in any relationship, know that there is some kind of interfering judgment going on…identify it, confess it (that part takes a little courage, tact and practice), let it go…and get back to the flow…get back to “My Nature.” where you will discover that “My nature” is actually “Our nature”…

Viola! The Holy Spirit shows up!. Your deep and unimpeded connection with another is the invitation for the Spirit of Truth to, not only show up in your relationship, but to take charge. Try it. It really works!

Think on’t.

When are you most effective?

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Your personal and professional effectiveness is directly proportional to your being CONGRUENT!
That means that all the powers of your personality are aligned and moving in the most positive direction for your life.

Why do you need to be maximally effective?
Well, unless you have your head buried in the sand, you will see that life is becoming more and more demanding. YOU NEED TO BE IN YOUR FULL POWER AND LOVE TO DEAL SUCCESSFULLY WITH LIFE– People, Business, Finances, Health, Family, Relationships and Community.

We can show you how to be congruent, how to make it a habit and how to apply congruence to successfully deal with any situation.

For a free demonstration of CONGRUENCE, you will need to attend a 1 1/2 hour live event held this fall in the San Francisco Bay area.

CONGRUENCE TRAINING It’s fun!. It’s easy! It’s quick! It works!

Too good to be true? It costs you nothing to find out and experience the power of congruence for yourself.

Refreshments will be served.
Limited to 30 people.
Email us for time, dates and locations.

You owe it to yourself to be at your best.

Presented by Errol Strider of The Laughing Heart