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Saturday, February 20th, 2010


The Nature of the Human Stock Exchange
(continuation of last Blog…
“What’s Real and How Would you Know?)

So, what’s an Infinity to do? Where is it going to spill if it wants to diversify, if it is already filling up everything…always? Why, the finite, of course. “What’s that?” asks infinity of itself. “Well…that’s what would happens if I separate the In from the Finite”…There you have it. Could that be what happened 13.4 billions years ago? The “In”…separated from the “Finite” knowing full well that that was impossible…hence the illusion, but hey…an illusion might be a really fun thing…like putting an amazing puzzle back together…with the addition of something the Infinite could only dream about…Novelty…and indeed the infinite does probably and literally dream novelty it up…and that’s where you come in.

Everything grows out of the nature and the quality of The Exchange.

Everything that happens occurs through an exchange. All life is just a bunch of never ending exchanges. All we ever do is exchange…exchange this air for that air, this water for that water, this saliva with that saliva…this car, this spouse, this idea, this emotion…all of it. All that is going on are exchanges.

Governments come into being as do corporations and all institutions to manage or at least attempt to manage, if not control, the exchange. Money exchange, stock exchange, chemical exchange, subatomic exchange, exchanging the purple dress one for the green one. Not to mention exchanging this body for not-this-body, probably the most mysterious of all exchanges…exchanging this mortal perspective for an immortal one.

And then there is what appears to be the opposite of exchange, the withhold, staying attached to something…all attempts to solidify, bind, control and concretize reality…to stop the movement of…the exchange.

The challenge is to manage and facilitate the exchange in such a way that, as Jeshua (aka Jesus) says, we keep the system in dynamic balance. Optimal exchange leads to an enrichment of those involved in the exchange: new formations, innovation and ever increasing complexity that must be harmonized with ‘the rest’, which in turn leads to a more abundant and variegated stew of life, which constitutes existence in the known universe…so far.

Every time we bump up against something, where we feel resistance, that is the universe calling to us to unfold, open up, receive, engage and be transformed through intercourse. Every lover knows this. Every artist knows this…the artist exchanges with her subject and out of that exchange comes the work of art. Lovers exchange and there is not only the potential for ecstasy but also for a brand new being. How’s that for a fantastic two for one deal?
So it is with people, with us, with life itself. Consider that we are, in fact, the work of art (obviously) in process—and who knows what the completed piece will look like, or maybe it’s just never finished or maybe it’s “finished” in stages, in little bursts and fits, until we are called to evolve some more.
It looks like the Life is the canvas,
Absolute Will is the artist,

Our wills… the brushes…

Conscious beings…the paint becoming the picture,

and every time we exchange color with the canvas, we become more conscious…more Being.


After all, if there were not divisibility, how could there be an exchange? How could there be growth, change, diversification, manifest beauty. But if duality is essentially an illusion, what is going on in these “exchanges?” And how is it that we appear to be wrapped up in a package that is decidedly over here and not over there? This is me and not him, her and it? What’s with that? …especially if “existence is seamless” as it is purported to be?”

Self awareness is reality turned inward upon itself and differentiated– that love which continually flows out of the infinite exchange of love itself as the First Source Meets the Second Source in infinite discourse…love must inevitably spill inwardly/outwardly as differentiation…hence “duality.” The only place for the Oneness to go is to the “Many-nesses.”

“God is all love rolled up into One. We are all love unfolded into the Many”.

Every conscious, volitional self-contained, self-aware being has the potential to become as God…to become an all-inclusive, even infinitely personalized universe of its own…forever expanding, universally exchanging…especially as it is understood that life is love exchanged in the ocean of Spirit.

The stage of time and space is set…and you are invited to play your part… to keep filling up the gap between the “IN” and the “FINITE” with your “ever emerging selfhood.” And that’s achieved through making good exchanges…always willing to trade in what was… for what is eager to be…through and as you.
So, welcome to the “Human Stock Exchange”…where you can keep making exchanges…
the more fluid they are…the more ecstatic they become,
the deeper and more penetrating…the greater possibility for new Life… an ever new you…
the more that you give yourself to the exchange, the more love abounds.
Places Everyone!

Think on’t!

Errol Strider
(415) 459-4512


Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

How The Laughing Heart Provides the Tools, Methods and Context for Advancing the Six Memes in the First Tier toward the Second Integral Tier.

Using Humor with Families

(q.v. “Spiral Dynamics” p://

It seems that to consciously and actively participate in the evolutionary spiral, we’d want to advance each meme to its highest development and to assist it in transitioning to the next meme. (Meme = cultural matrix that has distinctive values, belief systems, ways of behaving that have evolved out of each other in an attempt to solve evolutionary problems. Each meme partially solves problems from the previous meme while generating new and different problems that in turn give birth to the next cultural matrix–meme).

While we need to honor and work with the evolutionary cycle/spiral, it is equally important to realize that we can interface with all memes in any given instant through accessing the still point that exists at the center of all this turning and spiraling that is always accessible… (“God exists at the still point at the center of our turning.”)

The Laughing Heart provides a system for aiding each meme to access that still point, while simultaneously offering a communication technology to support each meme in solving the challenges each faces and that all memes face collectively (war, disease, environmental degradation, injustice, etc). By participating in this process, each meme can evolve to its zenith and then on to the next meme and eventually to the next tier.

A big part of that process is to mitigate the toxic side/effects of the red meme to the degree it asserts itself harmfully in each of the other memes thus reducing unnecessary wear and tear on our culture, and to empower all memes to address and transition through the inevitable breakdown of the last evolutionary stage which has been dominated by and characterized by a commitment to duality and to evolve the system to higher degrees of fulfilling the evolutionary imperative…liberating more and more creativity in dynamic balance with ever greater harmony and coherence. Compassion, which should be stoked in every meme (and which comes from that still point) demands it, justice demands it, health and well being demand it, our freedom and our unity demand it.

That being said, the Laughing Heart system provides a blueprint for building the infrastructure of the emerging stage of evolution which, by its very nature and principles resonates with both the fundamental patterns of reality and the urge to ‘progress’. It is a model for Integral Education.

If you’re reading this and can relate to it you are clearly one of those choosing ones who have heard the call to the Second Tier and are eager to make your (not insignificant) contribution.

The Laughing Heart provides the context for the meeting of the memes in ways that dissipate the tensions within them, between them and that can support individuals of all ages to relax their resistance to the evolutionary pull…whatever is the next inevitable condition that evolution is inviting them to engage with, transform and grow from. As these resistances are diminished, it is then possible to “install” a more progressive orientation that can help each meme evolve from where it is.

At The Laughing Heart we determine what helpful influences, knowledge, activities and practices will all the memes respond to while diffusing the natural resistance of the “dualistic mind” to perpetuate separation as a replacement for the unifying ground of being.

The Laughing Heart, through the use of theater, art, comedy and interactive processes, holds up a mirror to personal and collective awareness, so that toxic attitudes and behaviors, otherwise leaching into the whole system, can be recognized. Once recognized, it becomes possible to reveal creative choices and possibilities that are far more life enhancing.

In other words, “In order to get to where we’re going we have to start from where we are.” But if we don’t actually know where we are, and even more importantly, are out of touch with where we are…and where others are… no matter what meme we’re operating out of, or what combination of memes—which is more often the case—then it is almost impossible to recognize the creative alternative that can advance our status (move individuals and institutions to become more aligned with the positive directionality of evolution.) The use of art, laughter and interactive processes that involves families enables us to accomplish this with the least amount of defensiveness and damage and the greatest amount of joy, intelligence and playfulness.

Tool one: Artful humor. All memes have the capacity for laughter…admittedly some more than others. Since the ego needs to defend and perpetuate its existence, it can take itself (and its position) very seriously (false pride). This, as is so obvious, is the stimulus for so much interpersonal and inter-group conflict that leads to wars obsessive focus on competition and just generally not getting along. In turn, many of our dreams and efforts to make life more livable and meaningful are sabotaged.

Our ability to laugh at ourselves and our perspective, is inversely proportional to the ego investment we have in our ego’ orientation and the degree to which our identity is tied up with our need to be separate and right.

This is why the use of laughter, especially, helping people to release the attachment they may have to recalcitrant perspectives, is so important to the process and why “The Laughing Heart” is about getting the heart laughing. A laughing heart is an open, flexible and vital heart, as opposed to a hardened heart where the doors of compassion are closed and the capacity to hold someone else’s interests as our own is abrogated [Love your neighbor as yourself].

At “The Laughing Heart” and through LH activities, by helping different generations interact successfully with each other through play, art, humor and problem solving, we are setting the stage (establishing the foundational grid) for the unitive experience…the Integral Tier to emerge. (Kind of like those thin strips of metal webbing used in building highways that the concrete can adhere to.)

The activities, processes and environments of “The Laughing Heart” also build understanding, respect, tolerance, and forgiveness (adaptability) which, because they are transcendent values, need to come into being at every meme level. In addition problem solving skills developed within the family through LH activities can be used to address the very real problems that exist in our world.

“God is All Love rolled up into One. We are all love unfolding as the Many.”

Think on’t!

Next blogs…continuing how “The Laughing Heart” and its principles and practices and how they can facilitate individual and collective healing and growth.

Errol Strider
(415) 459-4512


Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009


In order to relax, you have to believe that the ground that supports you will continue to support you…no matter how creative a step you may take.

And why would you trust that? Well, you trust it all the time. Every time you take a step, you’re actually falling and meeting the ground which predictably and even comfortably breaks your fall and gives you the impulse to take the next step.

And you know how you discovered that incredible level of trust…well, here we have to take you back to when you were a little younger…when you were just learning to walk. Remember that? (“Expletive of your own choosing”), it was probably one of, if not, the most important things that you will ever consciously learn, and you don’t even remember learning it? What’s with that!
Think about what you must have done to learn that “trust.” After all, you didn’t just learn how to walk, you learned how to trust.

My dance teacher in college, Harriett Ann Grey, would often say, “All dance is just falling and recovering.”

And how did you learn to walk? Guess what? You fell down a bunch…a whole big bunch of times…and you got up…you recovered.

It was your destiny.

So, if learning to trust/walk required hundreds, if not thousands, of times of falling down and getting back up again, how many times will you have to practice the trust walk of faith before you can walk through life assured…certain that your every step will be met by the firm grasp of…not only material gravity, but spiritual gravity which also provides the spring in your step to keep you moving.

Yes, indeed, now The Cosmic Choreographer wants to teach you that you can not only trust the steps of your life to the “Ground of Being,” but you can trust the dance of your life to your always dependable inner dance partner, who will lift you up and gracefully bring you back down so that you can ever rise again.

It’s your destiny.

Think on’t.

Errol Strider
(415) 459-4512


Thursday, December 10th, 2009
Once you start off on a spiritual journey, you will be assigned several companions. One of them is “Yeah, but…” Every time you attempt to step more fully into self-realization and spiritual intent, especially in the early stages, you can pretty well count on “Yeah, but…” to show up at your door.

As expected, “Yeah, but…” came by to see me today. I was attempting to hang out with another companion, “Why Worry? God’s got you covered.”

Now“Yeah, but…” always brings an entourage. You’ve heard of “Yes men.” Well, “Yeah, but…” brings along a lot of ““Yeah, but… men”–Lobbyists, witnesses and experts to prove its case and justify its position. (“You won’t have enough money.” “Nobody cares for you.” “People are undependable. “Get what you can while you can.” “You can’t trust men… or women.” “Life on this planet is doomed unless we get with the program and we’re too far gone in apathy and denial to do that.” “God is irrelevant to your daily life” “Life sucks!” etc.)

Now, “Yeah, but…” usually doesn’t tell me what action I actually need to take to address these annoying issues. That’s not its job. Its job is just to incite worry, assuming that if it stokes up enough anxiety and reinforces it with adequate justifications, proofs and corroborations happily supplied by its “Yeah, but… men,” I will forsake “Don’t worry, God’s got you covered.” and “Get real.” (One of “Yeah, but’s favorite injunctions.)

You see, from “Yeah, but’s…” point of view “Don’t worry, God’s got you covered.” is not only preposterous, but actually illegal… according to its laws. Anyone guilty of promoting this point of view deserves punishment and annihilation, even better, crucifixion, if they still allowed it. At the very least, mounted on the rack of ridicule.

When I tried to explain to “Yeah, but…” that the reason I need not worry is that I am realizing that I’m enfolded in the embrace of an all loving, all supportive Presence that has my best interests at heart.

“Oh, that,” “Yeah, but…” says disparagingly, insisting that IT has my best interests at heart, while attempting to persuade me that “Don’t worry, God’s got you covered.” is stupid, useless, irresponsible, fucked up, or any other adjective that can describe the utter insanity of allowing this perspective into my mind and why I need to do something about it…before…(and here it resorts to some projected time in the future that “Yeah, but…” predicts, with great conviction and the exhaustive research supplied by its expert witnesses)… calamity occurs…if I don’t change my ways, get busy worrying and take control.

Now part of why “Yeah, but…” is so convincing is that it can point to an almost infinite number of instances in which people who don’t respond to it’s highly trained and credible experts get their asses kicked and lose shit.

“Yeah, but…” can easily demonstrate through history that there is no “god” to cover my ass in troubling circumstances, let alone break my fall or pay my bills..

What “Yeah, but…” fails to mention, by cleverly hiding this reality, is that all this worry doesn’t actually prevent life from kicking my ass or taking away my shit.

Nevertheless, I implore “Why worry? God’s got you covered,” “what do you have to say to that.”

“Why worry, God’s got you covered,” humbly but authoritatively asks, “Do you do anything to beat your heart? Bring your self into existence? Breathe your lungs? Run your metabolism? Send messages throughout your nervous system? Continually feed and cleanse every cell in your body? Keep gravity operating? And does any amount of worry cause those things to happen?”

I turn to “Yeah, but…” who very deftly changes it’s first name to “Well” and starts,
“Well, but…”‘

“Oh, now you’re “Well, but…” are you? “Well…but”…does it?”


“So if none of this angst makes the most essential processes of your life happen without you even being conscious of them, let alone worrying about them, then do you think agonizing will help our host solve any of the problems that confront him?

But “Yeah, but…” makes one more attempt to validate its position by bringing in its tag team partner, “No, but…” who trots out its list of very compelling “or else’s.” (“You better get real about all of this or…”You’ll be homeless.” “You won’t have electricity.” “You’ll be rejected.” “You can’t pay your bills.” You’ll be downsized.” “You’ll be old, decrepit, alone, homeless and helpless, etc.)

“But doesn’t all that worry just sap your energy and keep you from creatively engaging your problems?” “Don’t worry. God’s got you covered” retorts.
“Yeah, but…”

“So, isn’t worry absolutely ridiculous and totally counterproductive…and that’s why you, “Yeah, but…” are nothing but a worry wart and all your “or else’s” are totally bogus?



(Think on’t…)

Errol Strider
(415) 459-4512