How do you become the Light of the World? Simple…Fuse.

After all, what is light? It is the process of fusion. Two “particles” that are otherwise in resistance to each other (protons, egos, sexes, nationalities, religions, competitors, etc.…) who are forced to break through that resistance and converge.

Some call it sex. Either way… it’s about interpenetration at the most fundamental level. So when we join with another at that deep level, the energy that was used to keep us apart is released… as Light.

So how does that process apply to human relationships? Well, we need to overcome our actually unnatural resistance to joining and allow the impulse to “co-inside” in love to dominate and take us over. We are enabled to do this becausse as we access that love and submit to its nature. This is the process of spiritual growth.

It’s very simple: Duality deludes us into thinking that if we maintain our separation, we maintain our existence, but the truth is, when we join–when we fuse–we become as light, and indeed become the light of the world.

The way to move through this is to first recognize when you’re in resistance, know that this is the fear of joining, and the perpetuation of the separation–the delusion of duality…stop, ask for the courage and the faith to be able to engage the resistance itself, and then when that is embraced through love, it’s just a hop step and a leap (the “leap of faith” in fact) to be able to join with another, and at that point light is released into the world. At that point of fusion, you’re fulfilling your purpose, your mission… you are being the light of the world.

This is why Jesus encouraged us to go the second mile, because, often as not, one of the parties in the conflict is unwilling to embrace the resistance, but indeed, exacerbates the problem through hostility, anger, judgement, denial, etc. This is why it is up to the more “enlightened” person in the engagement to initiate the shift. (And anyone can be the “more enlightened” person at any given moment. It is a constant choosing, no matter how enlightened one has been in the past or is to become, the light of love must be chosen every moment.)

This is good news, but not necessarily easy, because you don’t have to wait for the other person to change in order to deliver the “goods.”. The power to change, to be about “the good” resides within you. It is in your capacity to choose differently, and as you connect internally with the Source of that power, you are emboldened to go that second mile, cross the bridge/illusion of separation, bring the system back into wholeness, and release more light into the universe. And it is through this simple process that you fulfill who you are and make remarkable contributions to life.

And this is why you really can’t fake it, you can only make it.

Errol Strider, Artistic Director
The Laughing Heart
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Jesus Poem for Easter inspired by “The Urantia Book”


By Errol Strider

There was a man once, truly that.

Who is known for the cross that he bore?

But who laughed in the market

And slept on the floor

Who designed riverboats in Capernaum,

Studied the ways of all men

In order to rule in perfection

With its trials, upsets, and demands

A universe of 10 million planets

Which the man, who upholds it

Designed, fashioned and planned.

There was a man once, truly that.

Who embraced the mortal dilemma

With a boundless trust

And abiding faith.

Who was immersed in a River Jordan

Allowing himself to give in

To life as we know it in fullness

With its sores, its aches and injustice

But which serves a great hidden purpose

Which the man, who entered its bowels

Could foresee what to us is so dim.

There was a man once, truly that

Who transcended all tradition and dogma

Who forgave the sin

And loved the sinner

Who feared not one who attacked him

But attempted to show them the truth.

By example, he set in their presence,

With his words, his acts, and entreaties

He sought to convince those around him

That all men could live as he

Secure, abandoned and free.

There was a man once, truly that

A man who broke from his elders

Made friends with the poor

Played with the kids

Made choices like all other men

To use power for good or for evil

To be simple or prideful and vain

Battled with grief, failure, betrayal,

But still to remain steadfast to the God,

Who this man knew always as Father and friend.

There was a man once, truly that.

Who did not what others expected

Disappointing his pupils

Estranging his mother

Rejecting requests of the masses

When they wanted to make him king

Yet allowed them to place down the palms

As he rode on an ass to the city

Where they rejected once and for all

This true man, who understood them

And forgave their blindness and gall.

There was a man once, truly that.

A man whom we all misinterpret

Who knows all as his brother

To the exclusion of none

Who did not really die on the cross

To wash away our sins

But to reveal a God of mercy

Who forgives, only loves, has compassion

On his ignorant children who err

So this man died only to show them

How far love would go for them.

There was a man once, truly that.

Whose life on this beleaguered planet

Was a model for all to behold.

Who revealed our humanity to us

What each person can actually become

When we join with this man in knowing

The Spirit that indwells our hearts.

And as he rose from the darkness of death

And appeared to those who knew him

He showed us the path to aliveness…

The deep forever mystery

Of the timeless journey of love.

(c) 1980 Errol Strider

Errol Strider, Artistic Director
The Laughing Heart
(415) 459-4512

IS GOD TWO-FACED? Part 2 “Let’s Face It”

Let’s face it, it’s nice to share a meal with someone you can relate to.

When I want heartfelt comfort and soul nourishment…it really is immensely satisfying to know that I am in a relationship with a very intimate “Other”…and indeed, the more I surrender (snuggle up) to that Other-ness, the more I recognize that the other enjoys companionship just as much as I do. The meal just tastes better when we’re sharing the same grass.

But just to keep the scales balanced (I am a Libra), I love grazing in the open fields of un-endingness and non-distinction…it’s relaxing, it’s satisfying, there’s no resistance and there’s more than enough to go around.

So let’s face it…it’s good to abide in “both/and”.. which calls me to be a compassionate “other” when life needs “me-othering” and as permeating presence in the pastures of consciousness when distinction just gets in the way.

So, thanks Jesus and thanks Buddha. Even though you are of the same fertile “Ground of Being,” by showing up in different guises, its make sharing the meal more flavorful and standing together… a treat for the infinite be-holder.

Think on’t!


“On a Walk” by Errol Strider

On a walk…or pacing…

when I really want to focus in…to perceive Essence…
I stare down into grass, dirt or concrete,

for in that focus…mesmerized…
the sweet inner gaze of the “Unfathamobile” filters up to me
And I stare…as into nothing…the ground within…
to walk in the experience
of knowing
that I am…accompanied.


“When you make the person of God your significant other, every other person you meet becomes…… significant.” ES

I live in Buddhist Country…there are a lot of Buddhists around here in West Marin, S.F. Bay area. I’m not sure whether Buddhists believe in a personal God…a God that can be known as “Other”. I don’t think so. After all, how can there actually be an “other” in a non-dualistic universe…and yet…there is obviously personality distinction. I deal with others all the time…and if I forget or deny them their “other-ness,” they are quick to remind me just how not them I am.

Is God “Other? Is there just Being (and non-being)? How important is it to even make a distinction? And more importantly, how does one concept or the other affect our lives? (“Who’s on first?”)

I’m kind of a both/and kind of guy. I like it that at the sub-atomic level…sometimes energy appears as particle and in other circumstances, as a wave (and even more recently as string. What’s next? A chord?) I guess it depends on the problem we’re trying to solve. (see Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle)

I went to a conference in Boulder on science and spirituality a couple of years ago and heard one speaker say that recognizing each of us as “the sacred other stimulated compassion in him, while a Buddhist scientist found that believing we are all one evoked compassion in him. What I find helpful is to know that the universe is imminently personal…self-aware and volitional. To know that I am both housed and permeated by a Self-aware presence of living love is very comforting. And I need to be comforted…there’s a lot of being jostled and irritated by “the others” going on.

Yes , a comforting face is welcome.

Indeed, Jesus referred to the Spirit of Truth (evidently a new and improved spiritual energy that he was able to liberate into the stream of human consciousness by virtue of his life, death and resurrection)…as “The Comforter.”

Jesus in fact said, “You have seen me, you have seen the Father.” Now, while I can accept the notion that God is much much more than a personality, personality is still one of the faces that God presents to us…along with Infinity of Being, evolution, and even ‘non-being…oh… and the face on the cover of “Mad”.

And in the faces of people, if you look closely enough, you’ll see that while each face is decidedly different…there is another face in there that you recognize as…

your own. (“How did that get there?”)

I think I would not appreciate existence quite as much if there weren’t such diversity…so many faces on the countenance of the Infinite. You might even stumble into the paradox that, somehow the infinite gets bigger because of all the distinctive faces it makes. (You could even criticize the Infinite for mugging…it makes so many silly faces.)

When these “separate” faces behold each other, something in the unique-ness of each cross- fertilizes with that which is unique to the other and both experience “putting a new face on it.”

Each is suddenly expanded by the other and that is how the Infinite (already a face full) gets…bigger. Some (facial) “expression” passes from one to another that neither had in the first “face.”

And those moments give birth to “smiling faces.”

Think on’t.

Next blog, “Is God Two-faced?” Part II, So let’s face it!”

Looking at the faces of Jesus and the Buddha in your mirror.