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Laughing Heart

Laughing Heart is a non-profit organization dedicated to congruent development of each individual and the collective whole. Laughing Heart combines inspirational entertainment and education committed to providing transformational tools that will help everyone of us to look at life from the perspective of a laughing heart.

The Strider Innertainment element of Laughing Heart is a unique combination of conscious comedy, spiritual education, healing and interactive entertainment.

Drawing on a variety of teachings from various traditions of spirituality, psychology and philosophy, Errol and Rochelle present complex concepts in a way that makes them more accessible and relevant to our daily lives. They use loving and light hearted modalities that are adaptive and provocative.

THE LAUGHING HEART MISSION: To create, produce, and deliver uniquely affective communication models, conscious entertainment packages and educational programs that utilize transformational tools, creative expression and self-reflection to nourish hearts, minds and bodies, enhance personal growth and inspire collective well-being.


1. LIVE PERFORMANCES:  Laughing Heart/Strider Innertainment offers exclusive evening and matinee performances, as well as segments of a public or private event or professional conference, meaningful and entertaining sketches.  These are produced for local performance venues as well as for national and international touring.  Performances are often filmed for distribution in all media formats including DVD, VHS and Internet.

2. MEDIA PRODUCTIONS: Release new and existing productions of performances, conference segments and interactive workshops in a variety of media formats. This includes audio and video recordings, radio and television broadcasts, books, framed photographs with poetry and sayings, greeting cards, video games and all other media that can be utilized to put out the Laughing Heart message.

3. INTEGRATIVE PERFORMANCE TRAINING:  To provide, through workshops, seminars and classes, the tools and training to aid people in their efforts to affect personal and social transformation.  These include:

  • Professionals, businesses and professional organizations who work with people in supportive ways (counselors, teachers, therapists, social workers, ministers, mental health workers, etc.)
  • People who are actively engaged in self discovery and also called self-help (personal, spiritual and psychological growth)
  • Innertainers (Entertainer who want to be “transformative performers.”

4. THE LAUGHING HEART CLUB: Provide live and on-line environments of mutual support where people of all ages and cultures have the opportunity to interact, develop quality relationships and become more self-actualized human beings through mastering the transformational tools and principles of the Laughing Heart.