For this Christmas season, please consider giving a gift that can be accessed daily for as long as you want, and gets richer and more meaningful every time you view it–and for $10 or less.

“Inspirational Images“–the pictures the soul wants to see, the words your heart want to hear.

These inspirational gift cards consist of photos I’ve taken with insights about life stated in a playful way to catch your mind off guard and go directly to your soul.

Each matted card comes with an envelope for easy mailing and a self adhesive back easel so that they can be placed on a desk, counter or bureau to remind you or your loved one of an essential aspect of life. Both the picture and the words combine to create a lasting impact.
Here are a couple of samples, but to see all 10 choices, just click Products and Inspirational Images.
Happy Holidays!
Beautiful garden scene with saying, "Life is love forever discovering itself anew."